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 Home     About Us   Directions    Rooms & Suites   Reserve   Guest Comments Each summer, thousands of families descend on the Cooperstown Area with the main intent of grasping a memorable piece of the ‘Dreams Park Experience’!  Throughout this annual thirteen week span, there are many who have had their expectations exceeded.  At the same time, there are many who leave the area with the realization that had they exercised more diligence in planning their Cooperstown getaway, their visit to the area would have been far more pleasing.  And most shortcomings are linked to their lodging decision.

Having serviced the Dreams Park sector for over a decade as both an innkeeper and or owner/operator of a reservation service, I have become familiar with many of the myths, disappointments and concerns lodgers and prospective lodgers have encountered.  Below is a series of factors and comments that may prove to be beneficial considerations in your lodging search.

The safest way to ensure clean, comfortable accommodations is to spring for $200.00+/night and reserve a room at a national hotel chain.
Should one look at hotel ratings on tripadvisor.com, they will find that the national hotel chains have not garnered superior ratings from prior guests.

The real way to make the most of your experience and get the biggest bang for your buck is to pair up with another family or two and rent a house.
Watch out for the type of bang you might get.  The house might not be as close to the park as represented resulting in excessive gas bills and time on the road.  Do you really want to spend your vacation washing towels, making beds, vacuuming and sweeping floors, etc. because few houses have maid service?   Are those close friends you are bunking with going to be close friends after a week of spending 24 hours a day with them?  Should there be a mechanical breakdown who and when will it be taken care of?  

If I book through a reservation service, I will have representation if something is not satisfactory.
Reservation Services in the Cooperstown Area represent the property owner – need I say more?  Well I  will -    During Irene, 20% of the homes in Otsego County lost power for several days.  A disenchanted guest that reserved one of these properties requested a refund.  Refusing to provide a refund, the agent said you should be happy that your rental is lakeside because you can fetch a bucket of water to use for flushing the toilet.

If I rent a lake property I will be able to make the most of my vacation.
As a former owner/operator of a reservation service, the most frequent comment I received about lake properties was that the views were beautiful, but with the busy Dreams Park schedule and added driving time to and from the park, we had little time to enjoy the lake.

Not to be misunderstood, along with the dissatisfied lodgers, there are many who have had great experiences.  And at Gateway Inn & Suites, that is what we strive to provide and at a reasonable rate.  In as much, we are rated at the top of tripadvisor.com Cooperstown Hotel ratings.  Furthermore, a ‘USA Today’ travel writer  noted  - “Gateway Inn and Suites of Cooperstown … offers one of the best values in the area.”
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